About GPS

Get Priorities Straight (GPS) was founded out of a passion for positively influencing people's lives through personal finance coaching.

Life is full of hazards, like a rock just under the water. Often you don't notice the rock until you've hit it and must deal with the consequences.

GPS was developed to help give you visibility to life's financial hazards, and how to navigate around them.

Enabling you to proactively manage your money so that you are successfully charting the course of how your money is spent. This reduces stress, increases productivity, soothes tense relationships, improves sleep and eases worries. The ideal outcome is the ability for you to enjoy more of what life has to offer.

Our aim is to revolutionize how you relate to money, replacing worry and scarcity with peace and abundance. It is a comprehensive, breakthrough personal financial system. You'll have money when you need it, and your funds will be supporting the priorities and values that drive you.

This system is customized to help you gain control of your money. Empowering you to bridge the gap between your current financial reality and your future financial aspirations.


You are our sole focus and priority. We don't sell any financial products, investment services, or investment products; nor will we replace your financial advisor. We are simply going to help you Get Priorities Straight.

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