Business Cash Flow

Strategic Cash Flow Planning for Your Business

The experts at GPS are Cash Flow Strategists who specialize in working with business owners to get crystal clear visibility into your company's finances. By gaining that clarity, you will have the confidence and certainty necessary to make solid financial decisions for your business. We work with business owners on:

  • Bookkeeping vs. strategic cash flow planning
  • Budgets vs. projections
  • Planning for infrequent expenses & tax reserves
  • Projecting future cash availability
  • Reducing unnecessary expenses
  • Business expansion
  • Creating 12-month rolling cash flow projections
  • Eliminating co-mingling of business and personal funds

Mastering your business's cash flow will help you maximize your results. Your business can be profitable, but profits and cash flow are two very different things, and not knowing where your cash is going can impact your returns. You need to know your numbers and proactively manage cash flow to have a clear picture of your business's overall health. Additionally, not knowing where your cash flow stands is stressful - and most business owners we work with don't know. If this is you, you're not alone - it's really common.

Only monitoring your bank balance, Profit and Loss Statement, and/or Balance Sheet is not an effective long-term strategy to succeed. Your P&L can tell you what happened in the past in broad strokes but doesn't give you the whole picture. Other details that are excluded from your P&L  (but do appear on your Balance Sheet) are principle payments, owner distributions, etc. and all of these have a significant impact on your business's cash flow. Think of it this way, your P&L is your quantity of cash your Balance Sheet is your quality of cash. If your P&L shows a profit, and your Balance Sheet has too much debt you can be losing money every month.

We can help you understand the current health of your company, how much money you need to get or stay healthy, and how to get there. Schedule a meeting to get started.

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