Getting ready for 2021!

Thinking about the New Year can be extremely exciting, and sometimes nerve-wracking. After everything 2020 delivered, we can only imagine your new year’s resolutions may look different this year than years before. Many of our priorities have changed, and our New Years’ goals should reflect that.

Our goal for 2021 is to help set everyone up for an amazing and successful year. One way we can start doing that now is by walking you through the best way to set up your 2021 New Years’ resolutions to be successful and keep yourself motivated. 

The main areas that people focus on for their goals are health, fitness, and finances. When it comes to these areas we suggest starting off with one goal and accomplishing them. Focus on not choosing too many goals because this will make it harder to juggle them all when time gets busy. If you feel like all your goals are about you, that’s okay! It’s okay to be “selfish” with your goals, they are after all about you and your life.  The better you take care of yourself the more you have to give to others.

A great way to ensure you are creating achievable goals is to assess how you can make measurable goals. For your health goal, you may want to  “drink more water”. to turn this into a measurable goal one suggestion to drink 64oz of water a day.  This is something you can track, and it becomes obtainable when you are able to check that box every day. To set yourself up for long term success, add a few buffer days to the goal. Instead of “drink 64oz of water 7 days a week for 12 months” try starting with “drink 64oz of water 5 days a week”. This gives you the ability to go over this goal and achieve higher, while also allowing room to hit your minimum when the week feels a little harder or life gets busier. 

When it comes to fitness, we have noticed that people tend to set goals and get discouraged when they aren’t seeing the results they want. Learning to have a good relationship with fitness will ultimately help you achieve whatever fitness goals you have this next year. It’s important to understand that visible fitness results take many months to start to see progress. For goals that are obtainable, look at your daily routines from a different perspective. How can you add more activity into your day? If you are used to going and buying a coffee in the morning from the local coffee show, think about a different mode of transportation to get there. Could you walk, run, jog, bike? This not only gets you moving and will help your body feel good, but it is also great for the environment. 

Last but surely not least is finances *dun dun dun*. Financial goals for the new year can be very intimidating when in reality they don’t have to be at all. When we say we want to set you up for the most successful year and help you achieve your goals, we truly mean that. And with that comes us saying, we can truly help simplify your financial goals and get your money working the way you want it to. often we look at our finances and don’t even know where to start, or even know what we are looking at. Because finances play such an important role in our lives it’s important to make sure you are tackling them correctly and with the right guidance. When it comes to personal finances playing the long game is important, making sure you have money to pay bills not just this month, but the months to come. A great way to ensure you are looking at your finances correctly is to see where your money needs to be going. If you know you have a set mortgage/rent, set insurance payments, and other set bills you can account for how much money will be going towards those each month. The things that can be harder to account for are things like car maintenance, groceries, and holiday spending. We find that the best way to plan for those expenses is to…well plan for them. Your car will need tires, brakes, and other maintenance items.  We find that over time the average cost to maintain care is $150 per month.  If you have a higher-end car you need to set aside more set that money aside so it’s there when you need it. The same goes for holiday expenses, decide how much you want to have in December and set aside money each month to buy gifts and a plane ticket. Look at those costs now and plan for those so you don’t feel blindsided when the holiday season rolls around. It can feel intimidating to do at first, but once you realize that you are just giving every dollar a job, you’ll feel peace of mind.  

Whatever your goals are, make sure they are coming from a place of love, and the excitement of growth. Goals that are created around hate and frustration are ones that burn out faster and lose their momentum leaving you with no motivation to continue them. We encourage you to keep in mind that you may change your goals or reset them. If you find yourself having a hard time staying on track with your goals you should take a moment to assess them, and then see what you can do to help make them more achievable. Asking for help from those who are more knowledgeable, and reaching out for resources is always a great way to learn more and grow! We wish you the best of luck with your goals, and hope 2021 brings you everything you hoped for