GPS 5-Step System

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    Map Your Journey

    Establish priorities and what obstacles or concerns need to be addressed

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    Evaluate Your Equipment

    Inventory all your assets and liabilities, input them into the system, then give every dollar a job

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    Master Your Craft

    Build a creative spending plan and establish new financial habits

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    Make Course Corrections

    Create a cash flow projection that aligns with your priorities

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    Enjoy the Voyage

    Minimize the time spent managing your money to enjoy life more


Imagine this...

You have an appointment on the other side of a big city in an area you've never visited. It's rush hour. How will you get there?

Likely, you'll use your GPS. With that in hand, all you need to know is where you want to end up and how much fuel you need to get there. That way you can circumvent where slowdowns are, and it'll give you the best route to arrive on time. In short, it's an essential tool that can reduce the stress you feel about navigating unfamiliar territory.
The same is true with your money. You need a financial GPS.

There's a big difference between deciding precisely where you want to spend your money this month and discovering later where it actually went. It's the difference between stress and success, between struggling and hitting your stride, between proactive and reactive.


A global positioning system is a constellation of satellites 12,000 miles in space, traveling 7,000 mph, letting you identify the exact location of an object on earth.

Get Priorities Straight (GPS) is a comprehensive, breakthrough personal financial system, customized to help you gain control of your money. Our system empowers you to bridge the gap between where you are at this moment and what you want your money to do for you.


When you are ready, we can easily guide you to where you want to be.
We'll help you get there faster and with reduced stress.

Assess your financial well-being with our 10-question quiz for a snapshot into your personal financial health.