Nancee Johnson

Digital Marketing Strategist at WSI | Host of the Digital Connections Podcast

She has over 15 years in the tech industry and 10 years in strategic planning, I joined WSI as a digital marketing strategist and independent agency owner in 2020.
With a background in the tech industry, she loves helping new tech hardware, SaaS, and online service providers create amazing online experiences for their clients.
She is passionate about showing business owners, CEOs, and marketing executives how to leverage the power of the internet, and helping businesses of all sizes make smart choices with their marketing budgets. She believes that people need a clear understanding of how digital marketing is impacting them and that a business cannot run effectively without an effective digital strategy.
She is also the host of the podcast, Digital Connections, which brings resources and opportunities to business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses or start a new adventure.=

In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, she is a strategic partner a team needs to stay in front of the trends.