Now more than ever is the time to take control of your personal finances!

Who could have known that when we were all making our New Year’s resolutions, that this is what our year would look like!? Did you plan to travel more? Set more money aside for the things you love? Stop spending money on things you don’t care about? Plan for a global pandemic into your monthly budget? Oh wait…that last one wasn’t part of your financial plans for this year…?

Us either.  

People are feeling blindsided by their financial situation right now, stressed out about the future and uncertain about where their next paycheck is going to come from or if it’s coming at all. Business owners are wondering if they will be able to keep their doors open or if they’ll ever recover. 

Right now, in this moment, this time, this global crisis…more than ever, is the time to take control.

We often beat ourselves up about our spending or feel guilty for not being on top of our finances. However, this does not put you in the driver’s seat. It is time to take the steps needed to move forward and feel in control of your money. 

So, what are those steps? What can we possibly do now? It’s too late…right?


The first thing to do is to look at where you are spending your money. What’s essential, what’s not? What do you really care about? Now is the time to eliminate the things we don’t need. If cash is tight, only pay your monthly minimums, and evaluate and cancel unnecessary subscriptions. Really look at what it takes to survive.

Although it can be scary to take that first step, it’s much scarier to be in the dark. As John Dewey once said. “A problem well put is half solved.” You are already closer to solving your problems when you address them head on. They are often built up to be scarier in our mind than they are in reality. 

Not only will you feel better, by gaining control of your personal finances you will have more peace of mind. Alleviating that stress frees you up to focus on the things you care about; connect with your loved ones, spend time on things that bring you joy, and be productive. 

Now is the time to pull your head out of the sand and use this moment to get your priorities straight.