Cash Flow Mastery™

Building habits that last a lifetime often takes practice - and there’s always room for improvement. You’ll deepen your sense of confidence around proactively managing your money. Think of this program as taking you from apprentice to master.

This program builds on our previous two programs, Cash Flow Discovery™ and Cash Flow Fundamentals™. We pick up this program with you in charge of your intentional spending plan where your money is focused on what’s most important to you. Getting you to a place where you no longer feel the need to check your bank balance to see what you can afford - freeing you from bank balance budgeting, for life.

We designed this ongoing program to provide support, education, and accountability to help you continue to master your money. To enroll in this program, it is a prerequisite to complete both our Cash Flow Discovery™ and Cash Flow Fundamentals™ programs. It would be irresponsible for us to allow our clients to jump to the destination, without the lessons learned on the journey. We offer this partnership after the other programs intentionally - we want you to gain spending and saving habits that will set you up for a lifetime of money mastery.

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You are our sole focus and priority. We don't sell any financial products, investment services, or investment products; nor will we replace your financial advisor. We are simply going to help you Get Priorities Straight and take control of your money.

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Cash Flow Mastery Program Overview

  • Customized meeting schedule to meet your needs
  • Provide ongoing accountability to stay on course and toward your goals
  • Continued support in maintaining and evolving your intentional spending plan
  • Strengthen cash reserves for planned and unplanned expenses
  • Proactively optimize your credit score
  • Build financial clarity, and confidence
  • Customizable add-on services based on your specific needs, e.g.:
    • Teaching cash flow fundamentals to other members of your family
    • Managing timeshares
    • Optimizing travel costs
  • Implement efficiencies for cash flow management and household administration
  • Create 12-month rolling cash flow projections to bring clarity and plan future household expenditures, income, and goals.

Assess your financial well-being with our 10-question quiz for a snapshot into your personal financial health.