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Anxiety regarding finances is a reality in almost all divorces, regardless of the measure of assets at stake. Understanding how to manage your new financial circumstances both pre and immediately post-divorce is critical to your ability to maintain and grow your finances.

GPS employs a comprehensive process and tools to provide clarity and insight into your finances. Our results-driven guidance will lead to reduced stress, creative and fulfilling means to funding your financial goals, and a sense of financial clarity and purpose as you move forward in this new chapter of your life.

Cash Flow Mastery

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Doug Peterson-White

The experts at GPS are cash flow strategists who specialize in divorce cash flow to partner with you to get your "ducks in a row" and help YOU feel confident and ready to tackle anything during the challenging divorce process.

Pay Attention to Finances When You’re Overwhelmed

Reduce Tension and Stress Around Finances in Your Marriage

Gain Security When You have Inconsistent Income

Personal Finanical Mastery

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  • See what your finances look like during the divorce process
  • Analyze your finances so you know where you stand
  • Get everything organized and in one place
  • Feel ease with itemizing expenses for litigation

Pending Litigation

  • Have detailed financial documents available at every step that would be necessary for family law motions or other litigation
  • Quantify finances to determine what spousal maintenance needs/obligations you might have
  • Learn how to effectively separate your finances
  • Be prepared with detailed child-related expense reports
  • Organize and quantify your own household expenses


  • New Life with Financial Confidence and Clarity!
  • DON'T PANIC!  Forecast with confidence your future finances
  • Enjoy the self-assurance of knowing your income and expenses
  • Determine your future post-divorce financial goals
  • Feel prepared financially

Pre-Nuptial, Mediation & More

  • Calculation of income for a child support adjustment or modification
  • Preparation of financial schedules for a pre-nuptial Agreement or Post-nuptial Agreement
  • Analysis of assets and debts for mediation or trial preparation


"GPS helped us understand the big picture and to manage the day to day decisions, so our money was doing what we wanted it to and still allowed us to adjust as we go."

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Steve C.
Commercial Realtor; Seattle, WA

"He (Doug) gave us hope as he guided us and helped us get control of our finances."

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Hayden & Marie
Scottsdale, AZ