Staying Confident in Uncertain Times

The last few weeks have been challenging for a lot of people. Many are feeling uncertain about their financial future. However, the most common thing we at GPS are seeing is stress. No matter where you stand financially, this has become a stressful time. Things are uncertain, and unpredictable.  We as a company know that finances can become a huge source of stress. Our goal is to help you stay confident in your future and get through these uncertain times.

Last week, founder Doug Peterson made a guest appearance on RealTalk! Radio with Dan Edwards and Brian Leavitt, from The Eastside Real Estate Team. Doug spoke on how confidence comes from predictability. The less predictable things are, the less confident we are.   There are ways to increase our confidence and feel more secure in these moments. To hear everything Doug spoke about, listen to the segment he was on. 

Doug also hosted a live discussion last week, where people were able to ask questions, and bring up concerns they have in this challenging time. Doug was joined by PJ Glassy, who has worked with him on nutrition, fitness, and brain training for the past 5 years. PJ who spoke about stress management techniques and how to stay active and healthy.

When the participants were asked what their fears were, the most common were: having enough money, losing their job(s), and uncertainty about the future. Doug suggested that we focus on what we can control. Rather than going into the negative, go neutral. We have a choice between going negative, which doesn’t help at all-we can all agree with that-and going positive. When you’re discouraged, thinking positive can be very difficult. If you go neutral, and not judge the situation as positive or negative, and do the next indicated step, you will begin to regain your confidence.   Predictability restores confidence and the next immediate step is more predictable.

The participants were also asked what they felt was positive about this situation, the most common positives were: time for communication, time for reflection, ability to focus on what matters, and perspective on life. Although you may be fearing the future, you can always find a positive in a stressful and uncertain situation. PJ walked the whole group through a square breathing technique and tapping exercises to shift the mindset to help everyone relax.

A huge thanks to everyone who joined us!

Check out the links below to view the techniques PJ went over on the live discussion.