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Take Money Stress Out of Your Relationship

Stress about money is a common issue in a lot of marriages or long-term relationships. Couples often face an unrecognized challenge - they learned about managing money from their parents, the good and the bad. They then bring that experience to their romantic relationship(s), often without understanding their partner’s difference in perspective. In addition, most couples lack the skills or shared language to work together in managing their household finances. We help bridge that gap by helping couples create financial intimacy, predictability, and confidence. That can look like:

  • Getting spouses on the same page about monthly spending
  • Providing transparency in household finances for both partners
  • Creating a shared money philosophy
  • Building an intentional spending plan
  • Implementing efficient household management strategies
  • Aligning your money with what's important to you both
  • Reducing stress and disagreements about household finances

The experts at GPS are cash flow strategists who specialize in personal and household cash flow to partner with you to always know where you stand, get your "ducks in a row," and help you and your partner feel confident and ready to tackle anything. After all, no one gets into a relationship to do more administrative work or have stress around money.


Creating & Maintaining Financial Intimacy

Financial Intimacy: Being able to work together and share your thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires about money with your partner in a safe space where you feel you are being heard and your needs are being reasonably met.

At GPS we help you create something that eludes most couples - comfort around discussing and working together on household money matters. In short, gaining financial intimacy.

Learn how to gain control of your money in alignment with the priorities and values that drive you.

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Anxiety regarding finances is a reality in almost all marriages, regardless of the measure of assets at stake. Understanding how to manage your financial circumstances in your marriage is critical to your ability to maintain and grow your finances together.

GPS employs a comprehensive process and tools to provide clarity and insight into your finances. Our results-driven guidance will lead to reduced stress, creative and fulfilling means to funding your financial goals, and a sense of financial clarity and purpose as you move forward in your lives together. Get started today by scheduling a free assessment.


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