Podcast: Chasing Unleashed® with Dan Weedin

Financial uncertainty causes stress on relationships and hampers the ability to live an “unleashed” life. In my interview with Dan Weedin for his Chasing Unleashed® Podcast, I share strategies and ideas on how to make your money work for you by using a spending plan that works for your situation.

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Women’s Emotional Load

Emotional Load Video Preview

It being Women’s History Month, I think about how women have played a role in personal finances in the household. And often they’re the ones spending a lot of the household money to keep the household going. In fact, there’s an emotional load article on how much we rely on…

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Podcast: The AgeLess Path – Personal Cash Flow Management

I had a great time sitting down recently (virtually) with Forrest Arnold for The AgeLess Path podcast! We talked about all things GPS and personal cash flow management. When Forrest asked me what “getting priorities straight” really helps someone do, I broke it down into the simplest of terms: “…it’s…

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