We were zombies, just making money and spending it. Doug put 20/20 vision glasses on our budget. He shot straight with us. At first, it was a little shocking. But he gave us hope as he guided us and helped us get control of our finances."

Hayden and Marie, Scottsdale, Arizona

Building a truly transparent personal money management system, through Doug Peterson's clear and understandable strategies and tools, has helped me reduce my stress around money and given me a sense of control over my spending and savings unlike any other system I have tried."

Nils Bunde, Marketing Executive, Scottsdale AZ.

Before I started working with Doug, I was managing all of my personal and professional finances in an Excel spreadsheet. I wasn't really, truly clear on where my money was going. I was always behind on my credit card payments and was living off debt. Now I am clear where every dollar is getting spent. I have been able to separate out my business and personal expenses. And I am somehow magically months ahead on all of my payments. I have money set aside for 3 trips that I want to take, am saving for a down payment on an investment property, and x, y, z. At first I was resistant to the concept of tracking all my money, but once I got done with my whining and complaining, I realized that it really wasn't that bad and all and the upside of tracking everything means that I am actually manifesting my dreams. I can see right there how much money I have saved towards my goals. Saving money instead of playing catch up and robbing peter to pay Paul."

Sonja Price, Career Coach. Seattle, WA

As a business owner for over 20 years, I have tried many systems and heard many different messages on managing my personal finances and none have worked for me. I hired GPS and now have the skills to manage my finances successfully in an efficient way and know where I stand."

PJ Glassey, Founder X Gym

As an entrepreneur that owns a rapidly growing search engine optimization business for the past 5 years, I have outgrown the capacity to do all the work myself. I hired GPS to help me crisply manage my personal money. I was able to trim unnecessary expenses giving me the confidence to begin hiring employees. Eight months later I have 4 employees and my personal finances under control. The GPS system really helped me get my money working where I wanted it to work for my benefit."

G. Purkis SEO Optimization owner, Seattle WA

My wife and I had been fortunate to have been making a very good living for years and building toward retirement. I have tried several of the tools available to manage my personal finances and none of them worked for us. When we met Doug and his GPS methodology and found he could guide me through the process I realized this is what I have been looking for the past 20 years to be and stay on top of our money. GPS helped us understand the big picture and to manage the day to day decisions, so our money was doing what we wanted it to do and still allowed us to adjust as we go."

Steve C. Commercial Realtor, Seattle, WA

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