Tips & Recommendations for December

December marks the last month of the year, a month filled with reflection and planning. As we reflect on the last year and look ahead to the next it’s important to set ourselves up for success. The following Tips from Doug should help you feel ready to tackle this upcoming year no matter what it throws your way.


1. Decide what you want to do

What do you want to do? Like really want to do? Is there something you keep pushing off because it’s “not the right time” or because “the finances aren’t there”? Make a decision and create a plan. What can you do moving forward to make it come to fruition? How can you use these last few weeks of the year to set yourself up for achieving those goals?

  1. Choose three objectives for your plan

  Picking goals for the New Year can be overwhelming, which is why we suggesting outlining three things you want to achieve. By starting with three areas, you can then break those down into obtainable results throughout the year. Grab a pen, some paper, a glass of wine, and plan out those milestones.

3. Create an intentional spending plan and be proactive about where your money is going

Our approach is to fund what is really important to you and brutally cut out what isn’t. When you think back on your year, did you decide where you want your money to go before you spent it or did you wonder where it went?  When it comes to reaching financial goals, having an emergency fund will help you manage expenses that can throw you off track; home repairs, medical emergencies, change of income, are just a few  By having a plan for where you want to spend your money before you spend it, you can have money set aside for expenses that come up. You will be able to handle challenges and not get thrown off track giving you peace of mind.

If any of your New Year resolutions revolve around your finances, we would love to chat with you and help set you up for success!


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