Cash Flow Discovery™

Our Cash Flow Discovery Program™ is the starting line. By completing this program you will get super clear on goals and objectives for how you can control your money, and we help couples create a shared understanding of their finances. This is the work we do before even considering a household budget, or as we like to call it, an intentional spending plan.

We begin by discussing your short-term and long-term goals and begin to identify how you could reach them. After finding out where you would like to go, we then deep dive into your financial situation and complete an assessment of your unique motivators and communication styles.

Using these assessment tools we will have two 45-minute virtual Zoom meetings to review all the information needed to begin to master your finances in our Cash Flow Fundamentals™ Program. It's a 10-week program where we will build a plan to change your spending and saving habits enabling you to reach your financial goals.

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You are our sole focus and priority. We don't sell any financial products, investment services, or investment products; nor will we replace your financial advisor. We are simply going to help you Get Priorities Straight.


Cash Flow Discovery Program Overview

  • Discuss and document your short-term goals
  • Set our sights on your long-term goals
  • Identify the obstacles and challenges you're currently facing that are keeping you from reaching your goals
  • Complete a TriMetrix Assessment to gain more insight into your decision-making filters and communication style to help you increase communication around money
  • Take a deep look at your current finances by completing an Income and Net Worth Assessment
  • Partner with you to understand the time, money, and energy needed to reach your objectives
  • Clarify your objectives that can be accomplished with our 10-week Cash Flow Fundamentals™ Program

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